This is a link to the fresh image:

You can flash SD card with this program: BalenaEtcher software

You need:

  1. Laptop with a card reader
  2. Downloaded zip( no need to unpack)
  3. BalenaEtcher software


  1. Switch off UMeter LIVE device
  2. Unplug cables from it ( remember which one should go where )
  3. Open the case and get bord:
  4. Get the micro SD Card. 
  5. Insert SD Card Adapter (with microSD card) to the computer
  6. Run Etcher
  7. Select umeterlive_1.0.7.7……zip
  8. Select Drive (Where SD Card inserted)
  9. Press Flash
  10. After Successful Flash process. Get SD Card Adapter from PC and get microSD card from the Adapter
  11. Insert microSD Card to the board
  12. Put bord to the case and close the case
  13. Plug cables ( power to the corner hole, P1 cable – close to the center )
  14. Plug power cable to the outlet./span>
  15. Follow Activation instruction: umeter-live-installatiehandleiding/